Marijuana users could gain employment rights

Years ago, when such jobs actually sounded like fun, I nearly applied to work at a newly opened Blockbuster video store in Mar Vista. What kept me from filling out the paperwork was the manager’s notification that in addition to the resume, I’d have to give them some of my hair for a drug test. I declined on the spot.

Mind you, I’ve never tried an illegal drug, have maybe been drunk once, and have smoked exactly one cigarette. In short, I’m a square.

Still, the idea of needing to submit to any sort of DNA or genetic testing to work at Blockbuster disturbed the crap out of me, and still does. Why should a video store be concerned with what their employees do at home?

Which brings me to the recently passed Assembly Bill 2279, “that would protect hundreds of thousands of medical marijuana patients in California from employment discrimination.”

The bill may not forbid drug testing, nor apply to those using marijuana without a doctor’s permission, but it does set a path.

Still, I’m sure some “legal” marijuana users will balk: the Bill explicitly denies use of the herb while at work:

The bill, which passed the state Senate by a 21-15 vote, leaves intact state laws that prohibit medical marijuana consumption at the workplace or during working hours, and protects employers from liability by making an exception for safety-sensitive positions.

Which is really what it comes down: if you can’t do your job, regardless of reason, you should be reassigned, or fired.

BTW, the bill still needs to be signed by Governor Arnold “Marijuana is not a drug” Schwarzenegger.

[via NBC 11]


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