McCain’s VP pick to be announced within hour… eBay’s Meg Whitman still a possibility

There’s still some buzz surrounding the chance McCain will pick California resident Meg Whitman as his Vice Presidential pick. I don’t buy it, but here’s a few off hand reasons why or not she’d make for a decent pick:

Why he might:

  • Her business background is stellar as she grew eBay into the monolith it is today with the help of millions of small businesses or individuals who profited along with them. Counter balances McCain’s poor economic acumen.
  • Still bitter Hillary supporters may jump on board because Whitman is a woman.
  • Whitman has never held a public office – talk about a change agent!
  • She’s a Californian. We rock.

Why he probably won’t:

  • Whitman has never held a public office – talk about risk! McCain’s age is a small enough factor in this election that voters will probably at least someone who knows the ins and outs of Capitol Hill to take the reigns.
  • Expanding on the above, if someone with little political experience is chose, the McCain camp will have a hard time repeating their mantra that Obama has no experience… which, frankly, is their most resonant talking point.
  • Very little chance of benefitting from a boost in Californian electoral votes.
  • Mere choice of a woman may backfire and look like its pandering to the Hillary crowd.
  • She’ll be slaughtered by Lieberman in debates.

I have no idea who McCain will pick, but would also cross Mitt Romney off the list, along with Joe Lieberman. McCain will play it safe, choosing someone with experience and a Republican track record, and little about their religion or background to question.


5 responses to “McCain’s VP pick to be announced within hour… eBay’s Meg Whitman still a possibility

  1. Not just a woman – a role model corporate VP and CEO, trained at the best business school in the world. I haven’t checked Hoovers yet, but I bet she’s had plenty of experience answering to shareholders and defending her decisions and opinions. Running a business is so much easier than running a government (which is why we have professional government employees), but I don’t doubt she could do as good a job as an untested small-time community organizer from Chicago could be president.

  2. I agree with you on all of that, except that Obama wasn’t a bit more than a “small-time community organizer.”

    I agree Whitman would make a great VP, I just doubt she’d help McCain get elected.

  3. Well, he chose 44-year old Sarah Palin and they just lost their “inexperienced” argument seeing as she only has two years in office. And she’s a card-carrying NRA-member.

  4. Interesting move by McCain. I don’t think they’ll let it keep from the pointing out Obama’s supposed inexperience… but they’ll use Palin to compare and contrast – and use a VP to put Obama on the defensive.

  5. Compare Biden’s credentials to Palin’s and the entire strategy backfires and explodes in McCain’s face. Unless, of course, a component of the McCain strategy is to co-opt the “change” concept put out there by the Obama campaign. Palin offers change, sure, she’s new, she’s unique, she’s untested, she’s a woman and she is … inexperienced.

    I’ll take Idiotic Campaign Blunders for $500, Alex.

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