Sarah Palin: Governor of San Francisco?

John McCain’s Vice Presidential running mate, Alaska’s Sarah Palin, went from mayor of a town of 8,500 to governor of a state with 670,000.

Dallas Morning News blogger Colleen McCain Nelson tries to put this into perspective:

Her entire state has about as many people as Memphis, Tennessee, the country’s 17th-largest city.

So, 16 U.S. mayors — including Dallas’ very own Republican, Tom Leppert — have more constituents than Sarah Palin. Of course, she has her own mayoral pedigree, in Wasilla, Alaska, population 8,500.

To put it in California’s perspective, Alaska’s population of 670,000 is:

  • About the population of Bakersfield and Anaheim combined.
  • 1/6th the size of the City of Los Angeles (4,045,000), 1/2 the size of San Diego (1,336,000), and smaller than the cities of San Jose (989,000) or San Francisco (824,000).
  • Less than Los Angeles City Council Districts 4, 5, and 13 combined.
  • Approximately 1/3rd less than the number of Los Angeles residents who marched in the 2006 “Great American Boycott.”

Alas, maybe Eric Garcetti could have been on Obama’s shortlist along with Hillary…


5 responses to “Sarah Palin: Governor of San Francisco?

  1. Based on Palin’s qualifications, anyone (and I mean anyone) over 35 and born in the States really can be President. Palin’s nomination really shows disrespect for the seriousness of the offices of both President and Vice President, in this online nut’s opinion.

  2. yes! but sarah palin has at the same time governed more of america than any other governor. alaska covers 663267 sq miles. put into perspective, thats over twice the size of texas and about FOUR times larger than california.

    my point being…does the population of alaska matter?

  3. Justin,
    Yes population matters: Anyone with a clue knows trees don’t count as Americans with Carbon Footprints and Fiscal Needs. We are the “World’s Superpower”, don’t disrespect us by touting small town values.

  4. Marshal… you’re a clown! OMG where did you get your education and are you so blinded by your polictic you don’t EVEN looked at Obama’s experience…PLEASE!!!! I wouldn’t want him cooking my breakfast for God’s sake.

    He can’t even speak without a telepromter.. PATHETIC! if he’s all the democrat party can muster up they’re all in trouble.. as for Biden, he’s a 35 year veteran.. oh yes a damn lawyer who steals from people.. crooks both of them!

    Lord help us if they win the election! I’ll stick to my independent ticket! and steer clear of sheeple like you!!

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