Sarah Palin’s abstinence only education policy fails in the worst way.

17 year old Bristol Palin pregnant. She’s still in high school. She’s unwed.

Her mother, VP candidate Sarah Palin, is a pro-life Republican who believes that abstinence only education works.

Governor Palin told an Alaskan pro-family group, explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support.”

And via Newsweek:

…Her administration may be about to lay fresh tracks; the public-health division in Alaska has decided to submit its application for the federally funded State Abstinence Education Grant Program, which will promote abstinence from sexual activity to “groups which are most likely to bear children out-of-wedlock” until the end of 2013.

Which groups? Because teaching your kids about abstinence, instead of giving them a condom, is clearly the most effective path.

The arrogance is astounding, and that conservatives are still rallying around Palin as being an effective leader proves only desperation. (and, before the lame argument comes up, I’m not questioning Palin’s merits as a mother – merely her clearly botched policy on sex education).

But this is a blog about California, so a quick review of sex education laws here is in order:

  • California schools are NOT required to teach sex education, but if they do they must notify parents, and parents may elect to remove their children from the classes.
  • Abstinence ONLY education is not allowed, although it may be included within additional sex ed curriculum.
  • California schools DO need to teach HIV/AIDS education to middle school and high school students.

More info here.


5 responses to “Sarah Palin’s abstinence only education policy fails in the worst way.

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  2. The recent trend of fools claiming “abstinence-only” education is somehow to blame for teen pregnancies is an unfortunate off-shoot of this dialogue. The people making this claim offer no proof and no tangible connection between the two concepts. Last I checked, journalism was supposed to be about facts, and one side has provided zero to back up its claims. To me, zero facts = zero credibility, yet these people go right on chanting.
    The other laughable part of their claim comes when they make some ad hominem claim like: “I have sex, and I’m monogamous,” as if somehow the accomplishment of connecting a reproductive organ with someone else on a consistent basis makes the person an expert on what national education policy should be.
    Also, a monogamous sexual relationship — even if it were somehow relevant to the shaping of national policy — would be mostly irrelevant to the target audience, which is students in their early teens. Yet this piece of logic manages to slip past the anti-responsibility crowd.
    Finally, these people claim to be “street smart,” yet they are selectively ignorant of the existence of anyone who has dealt with an unintended pregnancy. They also cling to percentages that should raise their awareness of the risk of a life-changing event, but somehow they rationalize these into a belief they’re at no risk at all.
    Anyway, we haven’t addressed the myriad people with these beliefs who simply are not ready for a sexual relationship, but we’ll save that one for another session. Remember, responsibility is the only factual, rational decision here.

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