Should 9/11 be declared a state or national holiday?

Excuse for a moment the celebratory definition of of the word “holiday,” and call it what you will – a national day of mourning perhaps. But should the state of California, or the United States, give September 11th some sort of Federal recognition along the lines of Memorial Day?

Perhaps a day off for government employees and teachers. Maybe merely a standing order for flags to be lowered to half mast. Something to add permanent recognition to a date that none of will likely forget about in our lifetime? Or should 9/11 evolve year after year, allowing people to acknowledge the day in whatever fashion that best works for them?


2 responses to “Should 9/11 be declared a state or national holiday?

  1. I say no. If we do a holiday for 9/11 then shouldn’t we do one for the OK City bombing and Pearl Harbor and for the USS Cole and the marine barracks in Beirut? Or does it have to be attacks on our actual “soil” by foreigners? (So technically Pearl Harbor wouldn’t quite count because it wasn’t a state then…)

  2. I say yes. To follow up on Julia’s point I think 9/11 would be the perfect date to commerate/mourn the victims of all these cowardly acts.

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