That Obama t-shirt you ordered may not arrive until 2 weeks before the election

I just ordered this Obama t-shirt from, but only after they processed my credit card information did they notify me:

Please note that your T-shirt could take between 3 and 5 weeks to arrive.

At 5 weeks, that’s October 21st, exactly 2 weeks before the election.

Just a friendly warning, folks. You may be better off buying a t-shirt from Cafepress* and paying for shipping. (btw, the McCain-Palin crowd are embracing the “lipstick on a pig” comment with glee).

UPDATE (Oct. 4th): Received the t-shirt a little over 2 weeks after ordering.

*No, this isn’t an endorsement, just a bottom of the barrel suggestion.


8 responses to “ That Obama t-shirt you ordered may not arrive until 2 weeks before the election

  1. I just did the same thing. Hopefully that is just a disclaimer–one or two weeks at the most.

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  3. To find Madonna’s OBAMA shirt, which ships in 24 hours and arrives in 3 days within the continental US, go to

  4. I hope you got yours. I ordered september 2nd and still haven’t gotten one! I went so far as removing myself from moveon’s mailing list. No more $ to them.

  5. I also ordered a shirt, my credit card was charged, and I have not received my shirt.

    No response from move on.

    Buyer/donor beware!

  6. I ordered one of these Obama T-shirts in late November and was told I would not receive it before Christmas but that I would certainly receive it before the Inauguration. IT STILL HAS NOT COME> What is going on here. Some communication would be useful. If there has been a foul-up please let us know. Best regards. Richard Etches

  7. Richard Etches

    I still haven’t received my order for a ‘T’ Shirt. You cashed my money long ago. So much for supporting Move On all this time.
    This must be the third occasion I have emailed you about this and still no action!!!
    Do you really think we will support a ‘movement’ again that doesn’t play by the rules. Please respond. Richard Etches

  8. Hrmm which had been creepy, your remark gained had his food. Anyway I wanted to say it’s excellent to find out in which somebody else at the same time described this kind of as i have problem simply finding the similar knowledge any place else. This became the very first area which usually smiled and told me the result. Many thanks.

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