Marin County town renamed Obama, CA

Well, not officially. But drivers passing this pedestrian crossing sign in Olema may think twice. Resident Kelly Emery created and installed the sign outside of her bed and breakfast last weekend in accordance with local laws.

[…pic from Obama in Olema, details from the Marin Indepenent Journal]


3 responses to “Marin County town renamed Obama, CA

  1. I will never spend money in this town again. I realize this won’t bother their Socialist philosiphy but nonetheless.

  2. Mark – besides lacking a sense of humor you sound like someone who is a mccain campaign worker – not like someone who’s ever been to Olema.

  3. How appropriate to have Obama’s name under a man with a bubble for a head. I have great sence of humor, and it is funny. This is what Mccain fought for, so you can have a freedom to do this silly thing. You are for Obama, which is fine, but do you practice what he preaches? How much of your income are you willing to share with your fellow Americans in need? How many free rooms are available at your inn or in your home for homeless? When you do all this, only then you have a right to promote what Obama is selling.

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