Mac vs. PC on Prop 8…

A group called Homo Tracker has produced a series of No On Prop 9 ads spoofing the Mac vs. PC spots, replacing the Mac with the “No On Prop 8” position and the PC with a “Yes.” [h/t Boi from Troy]

Curious as to if Microsoft or Apple may take the views of their parodied alter-egos seriously, I took a peek at how much employees of each organization were donating to either side of the California anti-gay marriage proposition.

My results after the clip:

So, is the PC fairly represented by a gay marriage ban? Here’s some numbers:

According to campaign finance data on the California Secretary of State’s website, 19 donors identifying themselves as employees of Apple gave a total of $5,745 to’s initiative to pass Proposition 8, all but one residents of California. Three Microsoft employees also gave to the cause, with their donations totalling $1,220. Two were from Washington State, the third a resident of Provo, UT.

Over on the Vote No On Prop 8 side, 37 Apple employees gave a total of $27,827 to the cause… again all but one California residents. 22 Microsoft employees gave donations totalling $4,495, with half of the donations coming from out of state (largely Seattle).

To be fair, Apple’s advantage comes from being based in Cupertino – obviously with more employees in California than Microsoft, the numbers would reflect them being able to give more regardless of which side of the issue.

However, maybe since gay unions aren’t recognized in Microsoft’s homestate of Washington, perhaps it is fitting that John Hodgman’s portrayal of the aloof PC has been replaced by actor Bob Stephenson‘s eager Yes On Prop 8 guy.

The only real conclusion that can be drawn is that jointly, the Mac & Microsoft crowd have put their financial weight in opposition to a gay marriage ban, $32,322 vs. $6,695 for those employees in favor of Prop 8.


11 responses to “Mac vs. PC on Prop 8…

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  2. Prop 8 is not intended to discriminate against homosexuals. It is intended to preserve traditional marriage. Same sex partnerships are entitled to the same rights as married couples. Marriage has been and always will be between a man and a woman.

    Voters already established marriage as between a man and a woman when we voted in 2000. Corrupt judges overturned our vote!!!

    Proponents of legalizing homosexual marriage have NEVER brought this issue to the voting polls!!! Instead, they have chosen to go through corrupt judges and bypassed the democratic process. Democracy is what makes this country great. Vote Yes on prop 8. Preserve traditional marriage. Preserve democracy.

    • Bullcrap. The site for Yes on 8 is every “concerned mother”s dream, aka the religious nuts who sew their eyes shut because they’re afraid to see.

      People, this is 2009, not 1909. This is MODERN DAY CIVILIZATION. if you don’t recognize gay marriage in schools now, then you never will.

  3. The California Supreme Court is corrupt? You may disagree with the decision, but the CSC is hardly corrupt, with the majority of its members appointed by former Republican governors.

    The CSC did their job, which was to decide whether or not a law is constitutional. Since marriage is a fundamental human right, and gays are humans, they very logically concluded that laws against same sex marriage are unconstitutional in California.

    Instead of spouting your obvious bias, why don’t you try reading the constitution some time and understand the role of the judiciary in preventing tyranny by the majority?

    The only thing that is absurd here, is that the California Constitution can be so easily amended by the initiative process.

  4. “Marriage has been and always will be between a man and a woman. ”

    Nonsense. Citizens in Massachusetts, and over 10,000 people in California have marriage licenses proving you false, along with residents in Belgium, Canada, Norway, South Africa, Spain, and the Netherlands.

    And when did proponents of HETERO sexual marriage bring this issue to the polls? I don’t ever remember voting to approve those marriages.

    Being a constitutional republic that operates along democratic lines is what makes this country great, as it creates a system of checks and balances.

    Vote No on 8 to ensure equal rights under the law, and don’t write discrimination into the California Constitution.

  5. The convention of marriage is a religious one. The covenant is between a man, a woman and GOD. The idea that we want to rewrite the biblical definition of this covenant into our state constitution is arrogant and we aren’t qualified to do such. We should come up with legislation that allows partners to speak for each other in times of medical emergencies, allow health care coverage(my insurance already does), fair proceedings of child custody due to separation, etc. This is what we have dominion over, not the Bible. We should consider changing our habits of passing legislation that kills an ant with a sledgehammer and pass laws that truly fit the cause.

  6. To the people who support Prop 8: Have you worked this hard or spent this much on the propositions this election that affect conservation of our planet, electing officials who will spread peace instead of war, and ensuring that the least of our citizens are taken care of?

    God must be proud of how you practice His word.

  7. Dani,

    Marriage is BOTH a religious and a civil convention. While YOUR religion may have a narrow definition of marriage, other religions including some Methodists, Episcopalians, and Unitarians have a more expansive definition.

    In the US, we have the freedom to choose any religion we want, including those in favor of same sex marriages. Please keep YOUR God out of MY bedroom.

    The State should not discriminate against two consenting adults that wish to get married.

  8. Yes, marriage is a fundamental right. But a fundamental right for a man to marry a woman.


    Nobody likes you gays. Get lost.

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