Feinstein forgoes opportunity to raise CA funds by attempting to ban scalping of Inauguration tickets.

After reports came in that tickets to Obama’s inauguration had been drawing bids of up to $40,000 on eBay, California Senator Diane Feinstein has pushed for a bill to “make it illegal to sell or attempt to sell tickets to the swearing it.” Not only is this another case of a Democrat attempting to interfere with capitalism, its verging on treasonous to the state of California – not only does it keep our politicans from selling their tickets to help balance the state budget, it also keeps valuable commissions out of the pockets of California based eBay!

The OC Register’s Total Buzz blog explains how the ticketing process should work:

“Inaugural tickets are distributed by House and Senate members and all the offices are already oversubscribed with requests. Congressional offices won’t even get the tickets until the week before the swearing in and people will have to show ID when they go – in person – to pick up the tickets.”

Feinstein argues that the bill will stop “unscrupulous behavior” anyone who obtains the tickets for free… so instead politicians should just give them out to their highest donors, or people to whom they owe favors. Its so democratic!


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