California’s electoral votes called into question over Obama’s citizenship

Image of Obama and Keyes from NBC Augusta

Image of Obama and Keyes from NBC Augusta

Alan Keyes has latched onto the bigfoot theory that Barack Obama may not be a natural born US citizen, and has filed a suit in California Superior Court to postpone certifying the state’s electoral votes until someone can provide proof of Obama’s citizenship… in spite of assorted groups, including and mythbusting website Snopes have already backed the claim. The American Independent Party and other groups have joined the suit.

NBC Augusta has also posted a copy of the birth certificate.

What’s surprising is that it seems every time one of these whackball claims that Obama is not a natural born citizen, a new, sometimes made up, challenge to his legitimacy arise. After a copy of a birth certificate was presented, and verified, conspiracy theorists claimed it didn’t count because it wasn’t an original. Then, after FactCheck wrote that they had seen an even touched the original in Hawaii, the nutjobs then claimed FactCheck was in cahoots with Obama over the whole deal. Some tin foil hat folks, conceding the birth certificate was real, and that Obama was born in the US, went so far as to claim that because Obama had also gained Kenyan citizenship during his youth, he was no longer considered a natural born citizen… if you believe this, then you probably also believe there’s a trick to regain your virginity.

But, Keyes has learned over the past 8 years that if you tell a mistruth enough times, more people are bound to believe it.


5 responses to “California’s electoral votes called into question over Obama’s citizenship

  1. Why don’t BO lawyers just get the original out of the vault, show America, and move on.

  2. Usually the way this works is that the accuser needs to first try and obtain the documents.
    According to FactCheck and other other news orgs, they did just this, found the docs, and posted them online.
    If the conspiracy theorists wanted, they could do the same, and then report back whether what they found is feasible. So far they haven’t.

  3. The problem is Obama has NOT shown a birth certificate. And fact check posted a certificate of live birth which showed that the document was defaced.

    You guys are right though. He should just go to Hawaii, get his birth certificate, and present it to Congress. It is that easy. So the question is, why hasn’t Obama presented these documents?

    I am actually suprised that Americans aren’t shouting and demanding that he present this document! This is a necessary qualification according to the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution is one of our only means of protection from the government. If we let them overlook the written law of the United States, we might as well let anybody run for office.

  4. Do you really believe that any presidential candidate, president-elect, or president needs to run around to answer questions from questionable conspiracy theorists?

    Several different news organizations have looked at and touched the actual certificate. Even the director of Hawaii’s Department of Health has seen, touched, and commented on the validity of the document. It doesn’t really matter that everyone has seen it and validated it. There will always be those that refuse to believe logic and reason. even went back to prove a second time that the documents was not defaced. Even the Honolulu Advertiser (local newspaper) printed his birth announcement in 1961. The facts are overwhelming, but somehow there are still those out there that just can’t see the truth.

  5. I found the language used in this 18 lined, 248 word article, interesting and similar to that of a simple minded school bully.

    “Bigfoot Theory, Wackball, conspiracy theorists, Nutjobs, in cahoots with…, if you believe this, then you probably also believe there’s a trick to regain your virginity.”

    It is a classic approach to demean, embarrass and to literally subjugate readers to laugh at the person stating the claims the author of this article is upset about.

    Obama seems to be the best President we have never had. He now has a Barrack Obama paid holiday in Alabama – (which is a 2.2 million/year cost to taxpayers – in our present economy), and is seeming to solve all of our problems – before he is even in office – according to the media.

    He is absolutely amazing! Kind of like when Laura Croft, (Angelina Jolie), punches that shark in Tomb Raider II and gets it to do exactly what she wants. She could do anything….and did everything right. (Movie Magic is great.)

    I think it would be good to let Barrack Obama do his job first and then critique if he is successful or not. It might also be wise to let our Grandchildren decide if he should be celebrated or not after his term in office.

    I also agree with the previous commenter, that he needs to satisfy the requirements of being a Natural Born Citizen and put this to rest. Can anyone imagine if he admits during or after his presidency that he was not a Natural Born Citizen or that his mother’s move out of the US didn’t fulfill the requirements for him to be a US citizen? The office of President would extend to anyone within, as well as outside, of the United States of America. (Go for it Schwarzenegger!)

    Barack has all the resources on hand to put it to rest and he is the only one that can finalize it and should do this before the courts, rather than ignore the lawsuits and, by not answering the suits submitted tot he courts admit what they are saying……but honestly, it doesn’t matter if he does or doesn’t put it to rest, he will be President either way. Anyone who raises any questions against him and how he is doing will probably just be called a “Wackball”, “Nutjob” or “Un-American”, by authors of articles like this, and by those with blinders on that see Barrack Obama as the Best President we have not yet had without waiting to see him actually do his job.

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