Pot dealers encroaching on Starbucks territory

starbucksThis is hard to believe: the Office of National Drug Control Policy is claiming San Francisco has more cannabis clubs than Starbucks by 98 to 71. I’m not going to argue that San Francisco has a large number of pot sellers, but more locations than Starbucks? Inconceivable! I’ve been there… there’s at least one Starbucks for every joint tokin’ vagrant.

San Francisco’s Department of Public Health disputes the Federal finding, saying they only have 24 pot clubs registered.

Either way, this doesn’t count in the number of underground dope sellers in San Fran, operating from home, public parks, and, of course, the bountiful of Starbucks.

More at SF Gate.


2 responses to “Pot dealers encroaching on Starbucks territory

  1. What happens after Prop 19 passes? Are the dispensaries just going to open their doors for everyone? The Golden State will be like Yemen or Jamaica; anarchic government, primitive economy, stoned population. I’d worry but I already have a med card so I just take a toke of some Master Kush and its all good…

  2. Lovey blog and information..

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