Obama veep pool… place your bets now…

For kicks, comment with your prediction of who Barack Obama will announce as his running mate tomorrow…

I’m feeling unusually confident that it’s Hillary Clinton. Just my gut, in spite of so many reasons why not.


2 responses to “Obama veep pool… place your bets now…

  1. The timing of Biden’s little vacation to the beseiged breakaway republic of Georgia suggests to me that he will get the nod. He has the foreign affairs chops and that helps a hell of a lot these days — look at how hawk McCain’s approval rating shot through the roof after he publicly muttered a few saber-rattling barbs at Russia and drooled on and on ad nauseum at the Saddleback forum about his years as a captive visitor of the Vietnamese. We’re still pretty damn superficial about how we select our candidates in this nation. Wars and rumors of wars serve John “Rambo” McCain nicely at the polls and in the surveys, thank you very much.

    I hope your gut instinct that says “Clinton” is correct, Markland, but I just don’t believe that we as a nation are so evolved as to accept an African-American AND an aggressive female on the same ticket. Too polarizing.

  2. I think I want to retract my Biden prediction. Obama’s “McCain doesn’t know how many houses he owns” is a Clinton-eqsue tactic.

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